Unofficial API to the official Czech police database of stolen vehicles

Czech police doesn't understand the concept of open data. It is not offering an API to search and verify vehicle identificators anymore. At the end of 2011, its official API was removed without replacement. Thus, I decided to create an API based on the official web search located on the Police of the Czech Republic website.

After asking why there is no API, I got the following response (translated):

"Your automatic processing is useless if you can find current data on our website online."

So I do exactly what they said. I'm searching data on their website and provide them in JSON or XML.

The police has no idea that it can be possible to verify vehicles in real time in our systems. Anywhere you process identificators of vehicles you can check whether a vehicle is not stolen. They don't know what an API is and why it is useful.
All the details of my communication with the Czech police are here (in the Czech language).

Now you can take advantage of this API. Do something useful. Something that can help. Show that we are able to use this data. Information should be spread, not remain locked and inaccessible.